GET Comex has expertise, infrastructure and all the necessary certifications (ANVISA and MAPA) to operate in the most diverse market segments in international trade operations.


Our story

Founded in 1981 and acquired by the new management in 2009, GET Comex completes 10 years of operation under the new board. The Headquarters / Distribution Center is located in Barra Velha / SC and the head office in São Paulo. GET offers a personalized customer service, always elaborating the ideal strategy to optimize the operation stages with the best use of process resources.


Acting as a strategic partner of companies providing services in foreign trade, with quality, commitment and professionalism.

To be among the best importing companies in the market with innovative strategies, providing growth to our customers.

We value commitment.
Quality always first.
Trust is the foundation of any relationship.
Transparency builds trust.
Innovation is the solution to growth.

Strategic planning of the operation:

  • 360o operation analysis;
  • International market research;
  • Product classification;
  • Tax analysis;
  • Import / export cost estimate;
  • Exchange closing;
  • Development of personalized projects
    according to customer demand.

Continuity Cost Analysis Advisory

Analysis and pricing of products imported to the domestic market. Optional service.

Process Management:

  • Monitoring of all process steps;
  • Customs clearance;
  • RADAR Enabling on Siscomex;
  • ICMS deferral.

Integrated logistics:

  • International freight (sea, air and road);
  • Importation in Flexitank (transport of bulk liquids for filling in the destination country with a capacity of 16,000 to 24,000 liters);
  • Transport;
  • Storage;
  • Handling (separation, labeling and fractionation).

Let’s talk about your process?
Count on our experience and portfolio of services to optimize your foreign trade operations.


Food and


Chemicals and

Steel and Iron Industry

Machines and

Specialty importing food and fine beverages.

Expertise that ensures the safety and success of the operation.

Products that require special care for importation.

The best commercial buying strategy in the international market.

Import of new technologies for modernization and industrial automation.

Medical Health Care

Imports equipment and supplies for the health sector, analysis laboratory, oxygen therapy, intensive care (ICU), monitors, dentistry, veterinary, home care and related items. We have ANVISA records and the complete infrastructure to safely carry out all stages of the import, transport and storage processes in accordance with current legislation.

COMPANY SC: Rua Leandro Delcastanher Rodrigues, no 432 – sala 01 Itajuba – Barra Velha/SC – CEP 88390-000, Brasil
PHONE: +55 47 3842-0250

SUBSIDIARY SP: Rua Pais Leme, 215 – Edifício Thera Office – 11o andar – conj. 1120 – Pinheiros – São Paulo/SP – CEP 05424-150, Brasil
PHONE: +55 11 3087-6570



Olive oils, frozen and perishable foods are part of GET Comex portfolio. With extensive operations in the fine drinks import market, such as wines, specialty beers, liqueurs, gin and other spirits, our infrastructure for the Beverage Foods sector, which includes importation in refrigerated containers and Flexitank for specific products. GET provides customers with complete customer service, starting with operation planning, cost estimating, documentation, import licensing and process tracking from source to destination. We have all ANVISA and MAPA records and at our distribution center a specialized team for the application of IPI seals and counter labels.


To meet the demands of this market, GET Comex has all the certifications and
Records required for import and export of various types of cosmetics such as: make-up, nail polish, professional hair care lines, salon furniture and accessories.
Our infrastructure is prepared for transportation, storage, handling (sorting, labeling and fractionation) ensuring the arrival of cargo in accordance with local law specifications.


To serve this market, our infrastructure allows us to safely perform all stages of the import, transportation and storage processes of raw materials and compounds for the formulation of products for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry in accordance with current legislation. We have the ANVISA records and portfolio of services that serve our customers from operation planning, cost estimation, documentation, obtaining all necessary licenses, process monitoring to delivery of cargo at destination.


With experience and know-how, GET Comex operates with the import and export of steel for the construction, automotive, capital goods, machinery and equipment and manufacturing industries. Our business cell maintains relationships with distributors and resellers of the main steel producers, elaborating the best commercial buying strategy in the international market.


The current transformation of the industry of various segments generates the need for new technologies of industrial automation. The renewal of the manufacturing unit and modernization of production expand the market of operation and competitiveness. GET Comex has the complete infrastructure for import and export of industrial machinery and equipment. With personalized service, we seek exactly what our client needs and we design the operation with the best time and use of the budget allocated to the process.